Saudade | Untranslatable Beauty from Brazil

There is no translation of the Portuguese word "Saudade". Nostalgia, yearning, longing for, missing. All these are part of the sentiment "Saudade". But Saudade is much more. Untranslatable. Saudade is our line of professional hair care products that is designed for the Emotion that is the essence of Beauty. Developed in our Rio de Janeiro laboratories by Kostume Beauty from Brazil. Since 2002, our international team from Brazil, Italy and Britain, have created exciting and imaginative Brazilian Haircare brands, such as Kostume, Gllendex, Aka Moa and now Saudade. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities are located in one of the Beauty Capitals of the world, Rio de Janeiro. Kostume Beauty from Brazil, is proud to present Saudade. An Emotion that you are yearning for. Untranslatable but no longer unattainable. As we say in Brazil, "Saudade".